Character Profile – Peaches LeMay


Jazz aficionados the world over know her as Peaches LeMay, the sultry siren of stage and screen who took Hollywood by storm in the 1940’s and 50’s.  To this day, film buffs heap praise on her award winning turn in Away With the Fire, and her singles are staples of any classic music lover’s collection.

But before she became America’s sweetest peach, she was Jake Dashing’s first girlfriend.  To him, she was Hettie May Blodgett, the girl he grew up with in Bayonne, NJ.

As a couple of eighteen year olds with stars in their eyes, Jake and Hettie hopped an LA bound train, hoping for fame and fortune. Jake wanted to be an actor while Hettie had her sights set on singing.

The deal worked out amazingly for Hettie.

As for Jake?  Well, since he’s currently a washed up private dick in the employ of a nerd blogger who is only able to attract a mere 3.5 readers, one might say our favorite gumshoe drew the short end of the stick on this one.

Still, like an Olympic runner, Jake carries a torch for her.  He blames himself for their breakup and thinks of her often.

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